C Stories


C Stories is the fourth volume of “The Wisdom of Jeff Cooper Series.” Colonel Cooper’s essays and autobiographical writing express his insights on the philosophy and practice of weapons, his patriotism, his love of hunting, and his lifelong commitment to freedom and the spirit of intellectual inquiry. Perhaps most importantly, Cooper provides a cultural critique of the crisis in modern American values, and reminds and encourages us to a braver, more stalwart code of honor. (Fireworks; To Ride, Shoot Straight, and Speak the Truth; Another Country; and Shotluck are the other books in this series.)

In C Stories, Jeff Cooper shares with us tales of his youth in Southern California, his worldwide travels, his combat experiences in World War II and many of the other conflicts of the twentieth century. He offers insights and stories from his years as a big game hunter and sportsman, his efforts in the development of the Modern Technique of the Pistol, and his theories on individual small arms and the art of the rifle. He writes of his interest in auto racing, offers touching family reminiscences, and recounts some of the insights gained from his avocations as archaeologist, historian, and biologist.

The expertly executed illustrations of artist Paul Kirchner delight the eye. Kirchner is also the author of The Deadliest Men and Dueling With the Sword and Pistol, both from Paladin Press.

320 pages, 6 x 9, hardcover, printed on acid-free paper, with 25 illustrations. $50.00

C STORIES by Jeff Cooper


The Battle
Aspects of Irregular Command
A Splendid Little War
The Sergeants
A Man’s Gun
Sydney, 1944

Use the Right Word
Gulf Stint
Tough Times
Blood River
The Meat Locker
Boneyard: An Exotic Memoir
Some Golden Joys
Bison Bonanza
Camp Life
The Blue Bull
Wood Sprite
Trophy Pageant
Night Guard
The Eye in the Sky

Yankee Fist
Twenty Years
Crossing the Lines With Iron
Shots Remembered
The Ram
The Ax
The Running Hog
The Guatemalan Coke
The Balsas Rabbit
The Running Buff
The Smooth-Bore
The Scout Concept
Rifle Etiquette
Olympeion (An Ode to the Rifle)IV. DIVERSITIES
The Killer Under The Ice
Fun Run
The Teachers
The Copper Chopper
The Top Loop, 1930
John Titus Cooper

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