Volume 1: Fireworks by Jeff Cooper with a new Introduction by Barrett Tillman, 256 pages, 6 x 9, smythe-sewn, hardcover, redesigned by Studio 31, featuring the art of Fred Lucas. $50.00

Table of contents:
FIREWORKS by Jeff Coope

Preface by Barrett Tillman
Foreword by Mel Tappan
The Deadly American
The Man Who Knew How It Was
Open Letter: To A Legislative Hoplophobe
Get Charlemagne!
The Trip Home
To An American Serving In Viet Nam
Home of the Brave
Inferno on Foot
Venison Harvest
A Rhineland Roebuck
The Fall of the Wild
Aguardientes de Agave
The First Race
1Travels with Corvy
Attention from the Left
Nocturne in the Ten Ring
Mental Conditioning for Combat
“We Have to Disarm the Citizens of This Country …”
What is “Accuracy”?
Ballistic Wampum
Rainbow’s End
Rhodesian Elegy

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