Message from Lindy Cooper Wisdom
Jeff Cooper was my father.  I grew up aware that he was establishing an international reputation among a relatively small group, but, as it developed gradually, the full impact did not hit me until I accompanied him and Mom on a hunting trip to South Africa and found that our Professional Hunter had built an entire deck, walkway and bar over the nearby river in Dad’s honor and named it after him.   I thought that was extraordinary, so I set out to write my father’s biography in an attempt to understand the phenomenon of his celebrity.   The result was The Soul and the Spirit, which was published in 1996.
In order to get this book published, I approached several publishing houses, but decided to create my own company to accomplish my end and so I put Wisdom Publishing, Inc. together.
My father had written several semi-autobiographical anthologies in the past, but had a new one ready about this time, so he and I decided I would publish it.   This was C Stories, which came out in 2004.   This was followed by Shotluck in 2006, which came out just before my father died.  
At the suggestion of a friend, I had all 5 anthologies, plus the classic Principles of Personal Defense, produced in leather-bound sets, numbered and signed by Dad.   I had 100 sets made in 2007, complete with marbled end papers, and ribbon markers.  (There are currently only 21 individual titles left and these are for sale through The Jeff Cooper Legacy Foundation–proceeds to benefit the Foundation.)
In 2010, I produced Gargantuan Gunsite Gossip 3 and then, in 2011, Yukon Journal, the reprint of my father’s journal from his Yukon hunting trip in 1937.
The time has come for me to turn over the operations of this book business to the next generation.   So, Wisdom Publishing, Inc. has transitioned from a corporation to a sole proprietorship under the direction of Tess Jones, my niece and one of Jeff Cooper’s granddaughters.
The changes are as follows:
1.  There are no more leather-bound sets……………only 21 individual titles are left.   Each is for sale for $250 and can be ordered from the website of The Jeff Cooper Legacy Foundation.  Purchase price benefits our Foundation.
2.  We will no longer be fulfilling individual orders for books.   Most of Dad’s titles can be found on Amazon.
3.  Wholesalers who are buying in bulk for re-sale may contact Tess directly @tesser5@msn.com
4.   If you have any questions, I would be happy to try to answer them.  You may email me at lcwisdom12@gmail.com.